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I’m not sorry I’m not sorry

The other night my entire family went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We had a pretty good waitress but she kept doing one thing that annoyed me.

Me: Can I please get a refill?

Waitress:  Diet Coke?

Me:  No, regular, please.

Waitress:  I’m sorry.

Me:  You’re fine.

Waitress:  Would you like some boxes?

My mom: Yes, please.

Waitress:  Okay.  Two?

My mom:  No, I think we can fit it into one.

Waitress:  Sorry.

Me:  You’re fine

She kept saying “sorry” for things you shouldn’t be sorry for.  I wanted to take her aside as we left and say, “You’re doing a great job.  Please don’t apologize for these trivial things.  Apologize if you spill a drink.  Apologize if the food takes forever.  Apologize if the food is lousy but please don’t apologize because you don’t remember my beverage choice.”

But I didn’t say anything out of fear she’d say “sorry” for being sorry.  The word “sorry” is so overused, especially by women.  I notice that my daughter says “sorry” a lot.  Right now, it is a little kid saying a word, but I don’t want it to continue.  I’ve been explaining to her that we say sorry if we hurt somebody or we are mean.  Now, she says, “everyone spills the milk sometimes!”

In a world that is becoming oversensitive in some ways, I find people are having to apologize for their opinions.  While we shouldn’t go out of our way to be mean like POTUS, we shouldn’t have to apologize for our feelings and opinions.



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