Egg on Their Face…Again

The bowl ban against the Penn State football program was lifted this past Monday to the joy of some and the dismay of others.  While Jerry Sandusky’s crimes were the most atrocious in college football history, the NCAA should have kept its nose out of the entire thing.  While I’m no lawyer, the Penn State case was a criminal one over which the NCAA should have no jurisdiction.

What is the role of the NCAA?  I always thought it was to protect amateurism and keep things fair in athletic competition.  By inserting itself in the Penn State case, the NCAA has said that Miami’s boats and hoes, Reggie Bush, and academic misconduct at UNC are worse than child abuse, the ultimate crime.  Miami was in NCAA purgatory for three years over dink and dunk charges.  USC made major compliance changes and their AD appealed the loss of thirty scholarships.  All this over ONE player and the worst violations were in men’s basketball!  But, the NCAA dismissed Pat Haden and told him to suck it up (main because the previous AD, Mike Garret dared to stand up to the NCAA.  I say good for him).  All the NCAA had to do was keep out of the Penn State scandal, and they would not be receiving the criticism they are today.  Side note:  I also like how they released the Penn State news the same day the NFL got egg on its face for its handling of the Ray Rice situation.

Now, some want the NCAA to come down on Famous Jameis, but they won’t because it is a criminal/civil case (and the Tallahassee Police Department has show itself to be so transparent).  I guess things have changes since the Penn State scandal in 2011.  And Jameis is good for college football right now.  Prior to Jameis, Johnny Football and Cam Newton were quickly exonerated in scandals that affected their amateurism (which is what the NCAA is supposed to patrol).  In the case of Johnny (one-half suspension, BFD), he admitted it with his subsequent behavior (see below).

johnny I guess the point of this is why are some more equal than others?



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  1. J-Dawg

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I’m just tryin’ to get paid. #JohnnyFootball #HoyersBackup

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