I love me some Sofia Vergara. Not only is she beautiful, but I find her charming and entertaining. I don’t understand the whole hullabaloo surrounding her Emmy sketch. She stood on a rotating pedestal and was obviously in on the joke. People are crying “sexism,” but it was a joke. Everybody needs to lighten up.

I agree with Vergara’s comments after the incident. “I think it’s absolutely the opposite,” she said in response to the accusation the stunt was sexist. “It means someone can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy and work and make money, so I absolutely think it’s ridiculous.”

I’m digressing here, but I don’t understand why society needs to “hate on” everything feminine. Being female, I support equal rights for women, but I also think society has taken a very negative view on that which is feminine. There is nothing wrong with being a girl, having “girly” interests or embracing feminine beauty.

When I was a young girl (and even now), I idolized Sleeping Beauty (so much so that I named the senior yearbook I edited “Aurora”). That’s no longer acceptable because Princess Aurora is now seen as some dolt who waited for a prince to rescue her (I recently had this exact conversation with an acquaintance). So are Cinderella and Snow White, who are the epitome and kindness and grace under pressure. But, these qualities are no longer praised. Let’s all be obnoxious like Merida from Brave!

Back to the Vergara incident – it was a joke. Just because a group of people didn’t like the sketch doesn’t mean it was sexist. The second something doesn’t fit into society’s feminist agenda, we attack it. We need to stop psycho-babbling EVERYTHING and creating problems where there aren’t any. Take it with a grain of salt and worry about one of the world’s “real” problems.

Bottom line: I think you can be a strong woman while still exhibiting elegance, beauty, and charm.


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