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Yo Adrian!

You are not too bright.  In light of the recent child abuse allegations against himself, Minnesota Viking’s RB Adrian Peterson in a statement said that he regrets the “unintentional” injury caused to his four-year-old son.

There is so much wrong with this.  First, has anyone seen the pictures?  This man didn’t just spank his kid one time; he whipped him with a switch numerous times to the point of bleeding.  The pictures that have surfaced online were taken about a week after the beating.  He injured the boy’s private parts. What is “unintentional” about this?  Let’s be real – he meant to hurt the child.

Also, what could have a four-year-old have done to warrant this punishment?  Absolutely nothing.

I’ve been told that I couldn’t possibly understand, as someone who was spanked just once (for doing something dangerous as a toddler).  Even though I was told my upbringing was “soft,” I turned out reasonably well.  Many have said that I shouldn’t judge how one parent choose to punish his child.  I’ve been told that this method of discipline works.

As somebody who will soon be a parent, I believe in correcting bad behavior, but there is a way.  You don’t hit a child for having a smart mouth (whatever happened to soap) or for being poorly behaved in school (and AP went beyond spanking when you have to do it that many times).  One bad interaction can damage a child’s psyche for life.  As the wise Dr. Phil says, “it takes 10,000 atta boys to erase one ‘you’re an idiot'” or other abusive encounter.  This article here pretty well sums it up.

If my child behaves poorly, I would take away privileges.  I see hitting as a control method for the parent having to assert dominance over the child.  You are the parent – you should be in control and setting an example.

As a side note: Adrian Peterson had a child beaten to death last year at the hands of another man.  You would think this guy would be sensitive to the subject of child abuse. 

While we continue to beat the dead horse that is Ray Rice, people justify AP’s behavior as a man trying to discipline his son.  I’ve heard so many “everybody does it” quotes from the media.  Just because everybody does it doesn’t make it right.  Just because it was what happened to you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do better for your children (blog upcoming).

That’s why I applaud Cris Carter.  The former Vikings WR said his mother employed a similar style of discipline and while she did the best she could, she was wrong.  He also promised that he would never treat his children that way.  Good for him!

In the last couple of days, it has come out that there was another child abuse allegation against Peterson in June 2013.  His other four-year-old son sustained a gash on his head.  While charges were never filed in this case, Peterson admitted that the injury occurred during a “whooping” and that the boy was being punished for saying a bad word.  Just because you are capable of making a child doesn’t mean you should have one.


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How Stupid Can You Be?

I hope Florida State does another “Ask Jameis” session:

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I am so excited for THE BIG BANG THEORY’s return to television tonight. It is probably my favorite showSheldon on TV, but I do feel it is ridiculous that the three lead actors are getting paid $1 million/episode, especially Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco.  While their characters are entertaining and have a big role on a show, they do not hold a candle to my buddy, Dr. Sheldon Cooper as portrayed by Jim Parsons.

Dr. Cooper is a theoretical physicist at Caltech (in this fictional show).  I love that Sheldon  has a genius level IQ but is extremely socially inept.  This guy isn’t just a nerd.  He is narcissistic and extremely inflexible.  My sister and I have always talked about how we would rather have common sense than book smarts, and this is exactly why.  It makes for great TV though.

One of my favorite things about Sheldon (besides that he is hilarious) is that he feels bound by a social contract.  While he takes this to an extreme with his “Roommate Agreement” with Leonard and relationship contract with Amy Farrah Fowler, I do believe in a certain protocol for dealing with people.  For example, Sheldon dislikes gifts because he feels he owes the gift-giver a debt.  While I enjoy gifts, I do understand his point.

I honestly don’t think this show could exist without Jim Parsons.  Perhaps the other two leads, but not him.  Not only has he won four Emmy awards for his portrayal, but the show’s plot centers around his awkward interactions.

This is incredibly nerdy, but I do own a “Bazinga!” t-shirt I wear in honor of my favorite geek.  I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested!

Other Favorite Sheldon Quotes:

(knock x 3) Penny! (knock x 3) Penny! (kn0ck x 3) Penny!

There’s no reason to cry.  One cries because one is sad.  For example, I cry because others are stupid, and it makes me sad.

On the contrary.  I found the Grinch to be a relatable, engaging character, and I was really with him right up to the point that he succumbed to social convention and returned the presents and saved Christmas.  What a buzz kill that was!


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This is Too Good Not to Share

The 2001 Miami Hurricanes Football team was, no doubt, the greatest assembly of talent of ALL TIME.  Read this article that came out today on FOXSPORTS and see all the names affiliated with this team.  A couple of observations from the article:andre ken

1. I love the part about them beating up the Gators on and off the field prior to the 2000 Sugar Bowl.  Classic.

2. The fact that the University of Miami administration let Butch Davis leave for Cleveland over so minor a contract issue is unforgivable.  I’ve been saying it for years.  He wanted to stay.

3. The leadership on this team was outstanding.  They would not allow themselves to lose.

The article was quite long but was worth every minute.  While there will never be a team like this again, I hope Miami can be restored to its former glory.  This article made me proud to be a Hurricane again.

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Egg on Their Face…Again

The bowl ban against the Penn State football program was lifted this past Monday to the joy of some and the dismay of others.  While Jerry Sandusky’s crimes were the most atrocious in college football history, the NCAA should have kept its nose out of the entire thing.  While I’m no lawyer, the Penn State case was a criminal one over which the NCAA should have no jurisdiction.

What is the role of the NCAA?  I always thought it was to protect amateurism and keep things fair in athletic competition.  By inserting itself in the Penn State case, the NCAA has said that Miami’s boats and hoes, Reggie Bush, and academic misconduct at UNC are worse than child abuse, the ultimate crime.  Miami was in NCAA purgatory for three years over dink and dunk charges.  USC made major compliance changes and their AD appealed the loss of thirty scholarships.  All this over ONE player and the worst violations were in men’s basketball!  But, the NCAA dismissed Pat Haden and told him to suck it up (main because the previous AD, Mike Garret dared to stand up to the NCAA.  I say good for him).  All the NCAA had to do was keep out of the Penn State scandal, and they would not be receiving the criticism they are today.  Side note:  I also like how they released the Penn State news the same day the NFL got egg on its face for its handling of the Ray Rice situation.

Now, some want the NCAA to come down on Famous Jameis, but they won’t because it is a criminal/civil case (and the Tallahassee Police Department has show itself to be so transparent).  I guess things have changes since the Penn State scandal in 2011.  And Jameis is good for college football right now.  Prior to Jameis, Johnny Football and Cam Newton were quickly exonerated in scandals that affected their amateurism (which is what the NCAA is supposed to patrol).  In the case of Johnny (one-half suspension, BFD), he admitted it with his subsequent behavior (see below).

johnny I guess the point of this is why are some more equal than others?


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I love me some Sofia Vergara. Not only is she beautiful, but I find her charming and entertaining. I don’t understand the whole hullabaloo surrounding her Emmy sketch. She stood on a rotating pedestal and was obviously in on the joke. People are crying “sexism,” but it was a joke. Everybody needs to lighten up.

I agree with Vergara’s comments after the incident. “I think it’s absolutely the opposite,” she said in response to the accusation the stunt was sexist. “It means someone can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy and work and make money, so I absolutely think it’s ridiculous.”

I’m digressing here, but I don’t understand why society needs to “hate on” everything feminine. Being female, I support equal rights for women, but I also think society has taken a very negative view on that which is feminine. There is nothing wrong with being a girl, having “girly” interests or embracing feminine beauty.

When I was a young girl (and even now), I idolized Sleeping Beauty (so much so that I named the senior yearbook I edited “Aurora”). That’s no longer acceptable because Princess Aurora is now seen as some dolt who waited for a prince to rescue her (I recently had this exact conversation with an acquaintance). So are Cinderella and Snow White, who are the epitome and kindness and grace under pressure. But, these qualities are no longer praised. Let’s all be obnoxious like Merida from Brave!

Back to the Vergara incident – it was a joke. Just because a group of people didn’t like the sketch doesn’t mean it was sexist. The second something doesn’t fit into society’s feminist agenda, we attack it. We need to stop psycho-babbling EVERYTHING and creating problems where there aren’t any. Take it with a grain of salt and worry about one of the world’s “real” problems.

Bottom line: I think you can be a strong woman while still exhibiting elegance, beauty, and charm.

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