Thin Shaming – Who Are You to Say What a “Real” Woman Is?

Last year, Fit Mom felt the heat from those who accused her of fat shaming.  Recently, I read an article about a Yale medical student who was “thin shamed.”  Very thin a 5’2″ 92 lbs, Frances Chan was told to gain weight or be put on medical leave.  It turns out she doesn’t have an eating disorder; just a very fast metabolism and petite bone structure.

She was subjected to appointments with psychologists, doctors, and nutritionists when she didn’t have a problem at all.  She became so annoyed by the harassment that she at lots of junk food and adopted a sedentary lifestyle in order to gain weight.  She only gained two pounds.  It sound like she has family and friends who are involved in her life and could vouch to the fact that she is a normal, healthy young woman.

Women who try to get back into shape after pregnancy are portrayed as bad mothers with a lack of priorities.  After I have a child, I will continue my fitness routine.  While this would never come at the detriment of my child, I don’t think I would be a horrible person for trying to get back in shape.

With the exception of doctors, I don’t understand why people feel the need to judge somebody based on their size.  I feel like we have to put everybody in a box at the average 5’4″ 150 lbs or whatever it is.  If you are heavier than that, it’s okay, but if you are smaller, you are “too skinny.”  It just doesn’t work that way.  I’m so tired of other people deciding what a “real woman” is. People come in all shapes and sizes.  Just as you shouldn’t attack someone for being overweight, you don’t have the right to harass someone uncomfortable for being underweight.



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2 responses to “Thin Shaming – Who Are You to Say What a “Real” Woman Is?

  1. V

    I read about Frances Chan too. With all the junk she was eating to get up to a “healthy weight” there was no way she was healthier than she was before Yale intervened.

  2. Me

    Everyone just needs to love their body.

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