Impractical Jokers

I love Thursday nights. It’s not because it is just the end of my work week (although that is awesome) and The Big Bang Theory is on. There is another show my husband and I look forward to just as much: Impractical Jokers.

Impractical Jokers airs on TruTV most Thursday nights. It follows the members of the comedy troupe The Tenderloins (Joe, Sal, Murr, and Q) as “they compete to embarrass each other.” The prank is done in public before an unsuspecting person or crowd, like Candid Camera. The “jokers” do not know the details of the prank until they are actually doing it. While one joker is doing a prank, the other three are feeding him embarrassing lines through a hidden microphone. The joker that’s “it” has to say or do what he is told or else he “loses.: The person with the most losses at the end of the episode gets a punishment, which is usually more public humiliation.

I enjoy this show because it creates awkward situations, not offensive ones. It is rarely mean-spirited, and most seem to be having a good time. These are lifelong friends who have known each other since their school days. Their is also minimal bad language and/or cross behavior. One of my favorite sketches is the one posted here. Good, wholesome family fun.



May 6, 2014 · 12:51 pm

2 responses to “Impractical Jokers

  1. Me

    LARRY! You wrote “the” instead of “they” in the line “they compete to embarrass one another.

  2. Come on, brah. That’s like Jonathan Martin tweeting LBJ about toughness.

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