I know I try to act highbrow and stuff, but there are some really silly, stupid things that I like. Even though I was once told I was going to Hell for watching it, I love “South Park.” I Also love “Billy on the Street,” a show on FUSE TV, that my sister recently introduced into my life.

“Billy on the Street” is hosted by Billy Eichner, who you may recognize from Conan or “Parks and Recreation.” In the show, Billy runs around the streets of New York City and asks (actually shouts at) its citizens questions about pop culture. There are three games I enjoy in particular.

“Quizzed in the Face” – Billy asks the “contestant” questions about pop culture. If the participant makes it to the final round, there is a subjective question and it has to match Billy’s answer.

“For A Dollar” – Billy asks a person one question and if they get it right (by agreeing with him), they get a dollar. My sister and I played a similar game as teenagers and young adults. It was called “I’ll Give You a Dollar,” and you had to say or do something embarrassing.

“Harvey Milk vs. Steve Harvey” (or any other random public figures) – The person is told random facts and they have to say whether it is true of Harvey Milk or Steve Harvey.

Celebrity guests include the likes of Rachel Dratch, Will Ferrell, Pink, Paul Rudd, and Neil Patrick Harris, to name a few. While the celebrity stuff can be funny, I like it better when Billy is dealing with the random pedestrian. One time, a lady tried to argue with him that Denzel Washington was in Phantom of the Opera. I don’t think so, honey!


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April 1, 2014 · 12:32 pm

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