I heard this song on the radio the other day, and it reminded me how much I love the message. I love almost everything about the song (with the exception of the part that goes “boys you can break/you’ll find out how much they can take” – but that is another blog entry for another day).

I am extremely ashamed to admit it, but I watched The Bachelor this season. I know this is a weird transition, but it kind of comes together in the end. I am not an avid fan of the show, and this was only my second season viewing. I thought Juan Pablo, while a little vapid, was a decent guy…until the last few episodes.

As you will come to see in later blogs, I am not the leader of the women’s liberation movement, but I do believe that women are smart, have valid opinions, and deserve equal rights. In one of the last episodes, Andi, who is going to be next season’s Bachelorette (not watching it) removes herself from the competition because she feels like Juan Pablo hardly knows her. When she tells him this and explains her frustrations, he dismisses her feelings with his trademark “Eees okay.” After she leaves, he says he would have eliminated her when she started to argue with him. We was literally disgusted that this woman would deign to disagree with him. I was not impressed.

I was even more disgusted by his treatment of runner-up Clare Crawley. Clare really threw herself at the guy, but I honestly believe she thought she loved him. When asked for some reassurance from him, he told her he “didn’t know her that well” but “enjoyed ******* her.” What a pig! Like a dope, Clare chose to stay when should have walked out immediately and made him look the fool. When she confronted him on his statement, he told her everything she wanted to hear and that he could see himself with her. I think she genuinely thought he was going to pick her, and his words made me believe that, too.

Obviously, he dumped her. She finally let him have it and told him that he led her on and “wasn’t the man she thought he was.” Clare then told him she would never want someone like him to be the father of her children. Juan Pablo said that he was glad he didn’t picker her, again showing his view that women should be quite and submissive. Of course she was going to be angry!

I know these shows have clever editing and this guy claims to not speak English well, but I think saying “I don’t know you well but I enjoy ******* you” is pretty straightforward.

Here’s to my point. Throughout the entire season, Juan Pablo talked about his young daughter, Camilla. He portrayed himself as a wonderful father and acted like he was limited in how he could behave on the show because of this. I don’t know anything about his parenting skills (although I have a guess), but I can tell you that he has set an awful example for his young daughter. How is he going to feel when some jerk tells him daughter that he doesn’t really know her but enjoyed hooking up with her? Does he want his daughter to just be a piece of meat? Is he not going to let his daughter have opinions and ultimately become a controlled wife? Maybe he doesn’t care…

“On behalf of every man/looking out for every girl/you are the god and the weight of her world.”


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March 25, 2014 · 12:36 pm

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