Thankful for my sister

I grew up in a very tight family.  We are thisclose.  I talk to my mom at least twice per day.  I talk to my dad about football and sometimes other things that many daughters would be uncomfortable sharing with their fathers.  Now, I have my husband, Eric, and there are no boundaries there either.  One of the other relationships I am grateful for in my life is my sister, Meg.

We have always been best friends, and with the addition of Eric five years ago, we are now “the three best friends that anyone could have.”  My sister is four-and-a-half years younger than me, and at first, we appear quite different.  Meg enjoys social interactions while I am more of an introvert.  My sister is career-oriented while I was the kid who told my parents at age 17, “my ambition is to have no ambition.”  I love sports; she loves fashion.  I love mindless comedy; she prefers quirky Woody Allen movies.  Although we do find some of the same inane stuff hilarious. #coats

I was a quiet, graceful child whereas my sister was the “straw that stirred the drink.”  I am, and still am, the Ice Queen, and she was our “devil girl.”  While we have different interests and personalities, we were raised with the same moral compass and truly get along.  I am especially thankful to my parents for raising us as individuals with different expectations for the both of us.  While they loved my gentleness, they also loved her fiery personality – see below.

ImageMy sister has always been my biggest cheerleader, and now I am hers.  I am so proud of her success as Associate Editor at Michigan Avenue Magazine.  She does great work and is becoming a fixture on the Chicago social scene.  When I was in high school, I always joked with her that if she got “famous,” I was going to ride her coattails.  I would be the Jamie-Lynn to her Britney minus the teen pregnancy or the Haylie to her Hilary.

Most often, a sibling is the longest relationship a person will have in his or her life.  I am so glad I have mine!




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6 responses to “Thankful for my sister

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  2. Kate,

    Your sister sounds like a really lovely girl and I look forward to marrying her.



  3. Thanks, your royal highness. I think you two would make a lovely pair. Time to tell Cressida!

  4. Meg, you sound like a cool chick. Let’s fall in love like they did in the old days. xoxo, James

  5. Meg is my mirror starin back at me.

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