Calm the Hell Down

As much as it pains me to say it, Florida State has a really good football team this year.  They are a couple years ahead in their development plus they have a freak for a QB.

As crushing as Saturday night’s loss was for Miami fans, the reaction afterwards was really disheartening.  I could not believe the negative comments, and the people who have chosen to give up on the team based on this game.

Despite the loss, there is so much to be excited about.  I don’t think the 7-0 start was expected.  We weren’t expected to beat the Gators, but we did!  The major building block for this year is that we are winning the games we should win (I know we should beat FSU, too, but it was still a challenge even back in the good old days).  The point is, we are no longer dropping games against the mid-level ACC opponents we should beat in our sleep.  Many of those wins have been ugly, but a W is a W.  The team never put its head down, which shows leadership and character.  The talent will develop.

And just think that this has been done with one armed tied behind our back.  Now that the NCAA’s shadow has lifted, we can have a fair fight in recruiting for the first time in four cycles, starting with the class of 2015.  Imagine the possibilities!



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2 responses to “Calm the Hell Down

  1. Here’s to hoping for a win against Duke. They are 7-2 like us…

  2. I take back everything I said in this blog post. I was hoping to hear that you and Shannan were coming over for the game, but I’m glad you saved yourself the time, money & aggravation.

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