Observations from Chapel Hill

  • Image“Zero Dark Thursday” loses its luster after losses three and four.
  • I’m glad we pulled out Storm Trooper for this.  Well played, UM.
  • What was with the music selection?  “Summertime Sadness” and “Some Nights” are not great pump-up music.  I bet these were personally requested by Larry Fedora.
  • In general, the Carolina fan is a class act.  In my four visits to Kenan, I’ve yet to be treated poorly.  All the heckling has been good-natured.  I wish Miami fans could always behave this way.  Way to go, Heels!
  • Apparently, I have really bizarre game-watching habits for a die-hard fan.  With the exception of the last 16 seconds (when I was cheering like a madwoman), I was very stoic.  I just stood there watching the game in silence, making the occasional quip about their “Tar Heels in the NFL” video.

Now, onto the important stuff.  For Miami, the game was a comedy of errors.  Nothing was going right.  Our best RB was out.  Our fastest WR had a knee injury.  Our NFL prospect QB was struggling.  The team played probably its worst game all season.  But, the wheels never came off the train.

It was encouraging to see the players fight back.  This game would not have been won by Miami 2-3 years ago.  When Duke Johnson went down, Dallas Crawford stepped up.  This is a real team.  What won the game for Miami was superior talent but also conditioning and the will to win. 


A wise man once said that the game was usually won by making the other team quit.  Carolina couldn’t do that last night.



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