I Had to Do This Earlier Than I Thought

As my four loyal readers know, I was raised a USC fan.  I love my Hurricanes like no other, but there will always be a spot in my heart for my father’s alma mater.

It is a sad time when a coach is relieved of his duties, and the uncertainty surrounding the situation is no fun.  I would never cheer for someone to lose his job.  But when you resort to cheap tricks – deflating footballs and blaming a student manager or switching jerseys – maybe it is time.  This is the world of “student body right” and college football’s most storied running tradition – you don’t have to do that.

Also, blaming college kids rather taking accountability as the adult was a major shortcoming of this regime.  The head coach just hid behind his “Denny’s menu” (my favorite joke about his play chart).  You had kids more concerned about their own highlight reels (more on that next blog) than the great tradition they represented.  In the grand finale vs. Arizona State, it was obvious that the players had lost the will to win.  While it is pathetic that the players quit, it ultimately falls on the adult in charge.  Oh wait…

I have never heard of a coach being threatened by a “players only” meeting.  Most coaches would be thrilled that their team was showing leadership.  Then, this guy undermined his star WR in the press and said the meeting never happened – no wonder he lost his team.

When Paul Finebaum labels him the “Miley Cyrus of college football” who “has very little talent, but we simply can’t take our eyes off him,” you know the game is up.


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October 1, 2013 · 1:02 pm

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