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There goes Rumple…

“There goes Rumpelstiltskin.  If he screams and stomps his feet any more, he will be swallowed up by the earth,” said my mom of an unnamed college football coach.

So, this coach was reaming out his quarterback for throwing an INT.  He was screaming and his face was bright red.  He was standing on his tippy toes, his teeth clenched as he was getting in this young man’s face.  He was completely out of control.

The quarterback knew he messed up.  And to be honest, yelling isn’t always constructive.  It’s just going to make the kid more upset, nervous, and error-prone.

That’s why I was really impressed with the actions of new USF coach Willie Taggart while coaching his team vs. Miami.  He has a young team.  In this game, USF had a two-yard punt.  After that, Coach Taggart didn’t run over to his punter like a madman.  Rather, he calmly approached the player and had a short discussion.  While I was not privy to the conversation, I would like to think the coach used it as a teaching moment and discussion for improvement for the next go-around.  He had a similar interaction with his QB after her committed a turnover.

I’m not a college football coach, and I know that yelling is necessary to drive a point home.  Sometimes.  But whether you are in the football world or just everyday life, it goes to show that you can accomplish so much more with kindness and graciousness than anger and aggression.



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